Haridwar Greens

Since time immemorial, the tree has symbolised shelter and rest to man. Upon higher beings, like Gautam - The Buddha, it has conferred enlightenment. Today, its green leaves, flowers and fruits still inspire us to keep the earth in vibrant shape. Rooted firmly in the ground, it stands for steadfastness, growth & prosperity. Releasing oxygen in abundance, it keeps us alive and healthy. Tree - a real friend, philosopher and guide.

We, at Hero realty, live by this philosophy and Haridwar Greens reflects our belief.

What Beckons...


Resident-centerded design

It is no mere chance that this 50-acre (approx) complex is coming up with unparalleled features in the very land of the Gods. So whether you are looking for a villa or a 2 to 4 bedroom apartment your search for a great home in the best designed environs ends at Haridwar Greens.

Leading Canadian architect B+H Architects has explored, investigated and implemented the nuances and intricacies of design philosophy to plan a green township.Haridwar Greens' architectural design promotes optimal usage of natural resources. Their reuse and recycling will bring down energy costs, and you will enjoy unimagined benefits.

Haridwar Greens' Master Plan is deliberately structured to promote safety and beauty of thebuilt environment, vibrancy in the public place, spatial diversification and the pursuit of an economically and environmentally sustainable ambience